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Gym Equipments

Featured Equipment

Here at Somers Point Fitness, we have an unparalleled selection of equipment for our members. Listed below are some of our newest pieces. Many more to come soon. 

member performing hip thrust on machine

Hip Thrust

The hip thrust machine is a great addition to any leg day. It utilizes the glutes and hamstrings to enhance strength, power, and flexibility. Easy to use and even easier to see results. 

Belt Squat

The Belt Squat is a workout that employs the traditional squat movement, but instead of placing all the weight of a heavy barbell on your shoulders and back, it distributes it evenly along your hips and lower body using a belt that fits around your waist.

member performing squat on machine
member using sled in functional room

Tank M4 

The Tank is one our most versatile pieces. You can push it, pull it, run with it, tow it etc. the options are endless! The best weight plates are required. The Tanks resistance can be easily changed by simply flipping a lever between 4 levels of difficulty.  

Seal Row

Called the most underrated back exercise of all time, the Seal Row lives up to its reputation. Simply lie down on bench and row the barbell into your chest. This exercise puts zero stress on your lower back and all the focus on the muscles you intend to work. 

member performing seal row exercise on machine
member performing shoulder raise on machine

Arsenal Side Lateral

The Arsenal Standing Lateral Raise is one of the most sought after pieces of fitness equipment in the industry. One rep with this machine and you will understand why. Utilizing rotating handles, it contours with your body to create an incredible replacement for dumbbell side raises, front raises, and rear delt raises.

Jacobs Ladder

Designed specifically for high intensity, low impact exercise, but goes much deeper than that. Users burn calories at a much higher pace with a lower perceived exertion rate when compared with treadmills. Plus, since it’s a low impact exercise, it’s possible to have a high-energy workout without significant strain on the body.

member using jacob's ladder machine
member using chest press machine

Precor Converging Chest Press

The Converging Chest Press features independent moving arms and a natural, converging motion path. This promotes more muscle recruitment and exercise variety while training the muscles involved in upper body pushing movements, including the pectoral muscles and triceps.

Stairmaster Gauntlet 8 Series

The Stairmaster Gauntlet is one of the best tools for burning calories along with strengthening and shaping the glute muscles. We are proud to have three of the newest models to give you a superior workout experience. 

member using stairmaster machine
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